2014.In July, it has reached its acheavement our Dryland Agriculture Development project, with the auditing of efficient realization of 103 water wells in Somalia. In the following September Perigeo has delivered to Mogadiscio a container with medicals and emergency supplies.

2013. Perigeo has accomplished the start up of pharmaceutical production premises in the town of Galcayo, in the somali province of Puntland, in order to answer to the immediate needs of the local population, suppling local hospitals and refugee camps. Such initiative has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Somali Puntland Health Ministery, the Puntland State University of Science and Technologies of Galkayo and the italian University of Camerino. With the launch of the first laboratory, a container with medical supplies, pharmaceutical products and emergency goods was delivered to the premises.During the summer of 2013 a container with goods and trasportations was delivered to the democratic Republic of Congo as well. The goods were distributed in the Region of western Kasai, to sustain the local popolation.

2012 First steps of the Dryland Agriculture Development project, aimed to recover to agiculture dry lands in the central areas of Somalia, through actions both in the fields of water engeneering and education to sustainable exploitation of the soil. The project focuses on the actual realization of 103 water wells and a tutorial program aimed to acquire better agricultural practises.

2011 Opening of the “Nansen Village”, a polifunctional cultural centre, based in the complex known as the “Antiche Saline” in Penna San Giovanni (Macerata, Italy). The “Nansen Village” is made of 4 interacting areas: the “Museo didattico dell’Umanità”, the Conference hall, the Multifunctional area and the office premises. Perigeo delivers to Somalia containers with medicals instruments and supplies as well as other emergency goods, for a value exeeding 12 mln USD, operating in close collaboration with Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico, Fondazione Il Buon Samaritano and the Catholic Medical Mission Board of New York (USA)

2010 Beginning of activities in Nepal. During the first mission, it is funded the Italia-Nepal Relationship Development Center dedicated to the work and memory of the italian scientist and explorer Giuseppe Tucci.

The project called “Musei per la Pace” si extended to Somalia and new areas of Ethiopia. The new locations are the Kunama Ethnografic Museum (in the federal State of Tigray), the Suri Ethnografic Museum (in the federal State of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People) and the Irob Ethnografic Museum (in the Federal State of Tigray) and the “Museo italo-somalo Benadir” in the city of Mogadishu, in Somalia.

2009. Start in Peru and in Ethiopia the firs activity about Distance support/International Adoption. “S. o.s. Casa” project is a practical aid in favour of the “Juan Pablo I” orphan shelter, in the barrio of San Miguel, in Lima Perù. Perigeo has taken care of the work to make the premises available, such as the electricity, water and plumming. In Ethiopia, Perigeo contribiutes to the managing costs of a school complex made of 9 kinderheims and 5 primary schools based in the town of Kofele in Oromia, allowing more than 3.000 children to have an healthy breeding and an education for their future.

2007 Start of the “Amici dal Mondo” project. Its aims are to promote and divulgate a culture of dialogue and peace building amongst children, using the most basic communication tool that they currently use: i.e. drawing. A exchange of drawing from all parts of the world, Italy, Ethiopia, Siberia, Groenland, as well as Nepal and Peru.

First step of the project “Musei per la Pace”, with the opening of the Oromo Ethnografic Museum in Ethiopia.

2004 On the 14 of May, fundation of Perigeo. The Ngo has the aim to take actions in the field of international solidarity through a campaign against mine exploitation in the territory of native populations on the Ande.