Perigeo takes an interest in Nepal since 2010, following the teachings and the legacy of our very good friend Prof. Romano Mastromattei, lecturer at Università “La Sapienza” of Rome e great expert of the Himalaya region.

During our first mission in 2010 we funded the “Italia-Nepal Relationship Development Center consacreted to the work and memory of the famous academic and explorer Giuseppe Tucci.

The Centre “Giuseppe Tucci” has developed projects such as:

1) Activities of visual anthropology on Tamang himalayan shamanism.

2) Research and facts gathering about the life of tibetan communities in Nepal. Some of the interviews gathered have been published in the works of Gianluca Frinchillucci and Laura Bacalini.

3) Support to the “Amici dal Mondo” project that involves children of native populations throughout the world to exchange drawings made by themselves on the subject of peace and dialogue through mimmg-post-nepal2utual understanding, meeting and knowing each others.

On the event of the 25th of april 2015 earthquake, Perigeo gives its support to the people damaged by the cataclism with the programme called “Nepal Action”.