Areas of intervention: hospitality, education development, social development, field activities

Perigeo, since its foundation, has implemented and promoted initiatives and interventions in areas that characterised the life and works of Fridtjof Nansen.

So, on the 150th anniversary of the birth of this famous Norwegian explorer and philanthropist, Perigeo wanted to name a structure in his honour, as a personal recognition to the magnitude and importance of his work and as a source of inspiration for the creation of our own initiatives.

The “Nansen Village” was born in the “Antiche Saline” complex of Penna San Giovanni (MC), located in the foothills of the Marche area and famous for the thermal properties of its waters and its heightened salinity, which made it a prime location for collecting salt until World War II. The area extends for several hundred metres and consists of two buildings comprising of a conference room, offices, an exhibition area and a guest-house as well as areas of parkland and forest.

In the nature of Perigeo, “Village Nansen” was given a strong character of diversity and hospitality. The centre is utilised as a place of interaction in order to promote issues relating to peace, international cooperation, social integration, and the importance of local, national and international levels.

The project is sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Italy and the Italian Embassy in Norway.