After years of work in the area we feel deeply involved in the tragic events that have striken Nepal. We have therefore launched a fund raising campaign to face first emergency needs.

We are in close contact with the nepalese community in Roma, with the Consulat of Nepal and with friend and collegues from which we receive constant adjournments on the situation.

The outskirts of Kathmandu have become an open air dormitory for homeless and displaced.

We receive from Nepal calls for help, we are required to provide as many tents as possible, of any kind.

Actually, our main target is to PROVIDE A SHELTER.

Now that we know what we are expected to do, LET US DO IT TOGETHER!

If you also want to help, SUPPORT “Nepal Action”:

Through bank order on the account: IT 96 K 08491 68872 000110100103

Or with pre-paid or credit card:

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