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was founded on the 14th May 2004 by Gianluca Frinchillucci, our current Strategic Director. Our organisation aims to promote harmony between man and the environment, preserving the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples. Over the years, the organisation has become involved in growing numbers of voluntary activities, and since 2008 we have been working on international projects, improving the technical skills required to work successfully in the field. Intervening in post-conflict areas where peace is fragile and vulnerable and promoting culture as a means of peace building, Perigeo always ensures project strategies are adapted to local realities.


Perigeo cooperates internationally on projects which share and promote its values, aspiring to aid developing areas and those living in conflict, poverty or states of emergency, particularly in the Horn of Africa. The organisation focuses on building partnerships and promoting the use of strong methodologies, improving the quality of intervention in emergency situations, helping the disadvantaged, protecting cultural heritage and guiding people in these regions through training projects and education.

Cooperative interventions are used to give strength and support to developing countries, enabling them to access untapped resources and enhance their capabilities.

Perigeo work in Africa (Somalia and Ethiopia), Asia (Nepal), South America (Peru) and Europe, where we are focused on combatting poverty and providing support for the most vulnerable.

Currently in Italy, Perigeo is active in projects supporting intercultural dialogue.